The Museum

A Museum for narrating History starting from a large collection of stories, micro-stories, tales, small snippets, anecdotes, scraps of memories, reconstructing a choral narration together on the First World War, to voice not only the great deeds of the heroes but rather the small daily gestures of plain insanity, the absurd normality of war.

A Museum where the real challenge, rather than explaining, lies in narrating through re-enactment: relics and documents were chosen so as to focus attention on individual significant details, thus avoiding a jumble that would cause confused emotions and understanding for the visitor.

The layout was designed to highlight and fully emphasise the theme in question, and at the same time preserve the most important historicised features of the original museum. The combination of shapes, lights, sounds, colours, materials, still and moving images has made use of all of the languages and tools offered by multimedia ensuring that they are able to coexist and integrate themselves at a cognitive and emotional level into one big narrative level.

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In doing so, it was possible to create a Museum not only intended as a place of conservation, documentation and dissemination of a historical, cultural and identity heritage of tremendous importance, but also and especially as:

  • a museum of emotions, able to relate and narrate the experience of the Great War also through the re-enactment of feelings and subtle influences;
  • a museum for everyone's taste, to attract and address the most diverse visitors in order to establish a strong emotional, intimate and unique bond;
  • a museum for all the senses, to look at but also to listen to, to taste, touch and smell, to simultaneously engage all of the sensory capabilities of every visitor;
  • a museum that does not cease to exist in itself, within the confines of its physical boundaries. On the contrary, it aims to open crossings, grooves, trenches, tunnels and galleries – real and imaginary ones – to mark the exploratory trail of a series of visit itineraries to and from the territory and its identifying memory.